New iOS 9- Review

Apple has launched iOS 9; it’s a new operating system for iPod, iPad and iPhone at WWDC on 8 June 2015. iOS 9 offers new features, improved security and performance and battery life. With its new multitasking features your iPad and iPhone becomes more productive.

The interference of iOS9 is same as iOS8 with same significant changes. The font has been changed from Helvetica to a San Francisco which gives the texts a more modern look. iOS 9 offers a new feature, Proactive. It is your new predictive and intelligent personal assistant that predicts your next move and offers a shortcut to that function.

Proactive learns your habit by observing the things you do on your device, the people you contact and the apps you use. Proactive will observe the pattern and will add the apps it predicts you will use next on the screen to the list of quick-access shortcut. Though the ability of Proactive does not ends here, based on your location it will features the trending news on your Search screen. It also offers quick links to directions in Maps to the nearby coffee shops, restaurants and other services.  It will remind you about your appointments, how late you are to it by browsing your location, traffic data and calendar. It will also help you to find the clues about the unknown callers by skimming through your emails. But, no matter how attractive this feature may look, it is not the best. It’s not a new feature, it has same concept as Google Now which Chrome and Android already offers us. In addition, proactive is buggy; local rending news are limited only to two to three news provider and though you may have sent the mail with the number and caller’s name a minute before , it couldn’t find the identity of the unknown caller.

iOS 9 has blessed the user with its most awaited feature, multitasking.  It lets you view two apps, side by side at a time. By activating Slide Over, the app is sliced vertically off the right hand side and occupies third of the screen.  But, this feature is available only for iPad. Moreover, this feature does not allow you to interact with both the apps at the same time. iPad Air 2 has a more advanced form of multitasking, it is called Split View.  It allows you to interact with both the app at the same time and also can adjust the space occupied by them between 50-50 and 2/3-1/3.

iOS 9 has enhanced the maps with improved location ability. You can view public transport directions and discover your nearby spots of interest.   But, fornow the public transportdirection feature is limited to London’s buses and tube. iOS 9 makes your iPhone and iPod more power efficient by  introducing a Lower Power Mode. Apple claims it to be effective when your iPhone is three hours away from the plug. It turns the power indictor orange. It cuts down all the non- important interface and animations; and decreases the times of your screen before it goes dark. Keep your ios updated to have the most updated software and features for your iPhones and IPad.